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Vegeterian Pizza

With 5 toppings :

Small 10" Medium 12" Large 14"
Walk-in $10.99 $12.99 $14.99
Mushroom, Onions, Green Peppers, Olives, Tomato, Pineapple


Small - $9.99, Med - $11.99, Larger - $13.99

Artichokes, Onions, Olives, Tomato, Feta

Vege European Style

Creamy White Gralic Sauce, Olives, Mushrooms, Onions, Green and Red Peppers, Tomatoes, Spinach

Super Veggie

Spinach, Onions, Tomato, Feta, Mushrooms, Green Pepper

Spinach Special

Onions, Green Pepper, Tomato, Olives, Feta Cheese

Greek Style

Olives, Onions, Spinach, Tomatoes, Banana Peppers, Feta

Vegeterian Mediterranean

Onions, Paneer, Green and Red Peppers, Tomatoes

Tandoori Paneer

Onions, Paneer, Green and Red Peppers, Tomatoes ($1 extra for Butter Sauce)

Shahi Paneer

Double Corn, Red & Green Peppers, Pineapple

Corn Special with Mix Sauce

Red Onions, Red Peppers, Cauliflower and Green Onion

Fresh Cauliflower