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Each day we offer our customers delicious pizza, lasagna and many more mouth-watering items. Not only we use 100% Mozarella cheese, but also offer you the best pizza and deals in Surrey. Providing customers to customize their pizza, we offer 6 Sauces to choose from :

Except Marina Tomato all other Sauces are entitled to a extra charge* $1 for White Creamy Garlic, Ceasar and BBQ sauce. $2 for Pesto and Alfredo Sauce.

Marina Tomato

White Creamy Garlic


Pesto Sauce

Alfredo Sauce

Caesar Sauce

Why not try our everyday pick up specials along with side dishes like Garlic Toast, Cheese Toast and a variety of dipping sausces and pops to choose from. Apart from the daily deals we do have other deals also. So call us today to place an order.


  • My Family really love this pizza place, I wish it was a little closer to our home. We love the sauce options. And Taste great.

    Julie C
  • Great pizza. Healthy. Always quick and open late.

    Jonathan B
  • I like the taste of the pizza. It was open till 1 am on the weekend when i came home from work late. They are my primary option when i am tired from work and need something tasty and quick.

    Venu Murki
  • I give them a

    Darin Andrew